Economics 1, Microeconomics

Homework Downloads:
H1 Introduction to Economics
H2 Production Possibilities & Comp Ad
H3 Supply and Demand
H4 Elasticity
H5 Utility
H6 Costs & Price Taker - and the Excel File that accompanies it
H7 Price Searchers

Supply and Demand:

OLD Level 1a
NEW Level 1a
Level 1b
NEW Level 1b

Level 2a
NEW Level 2a

Level 2b
and NEW Level 2b (coming - some day)

Level 3a

Practice Quizzes:

Practice Quiz, Chapter 1
Practice Quiz, Chapter 2
Practice Quiz, Supply and Demand
Practice Quiz, Elasticity, Utility, & Supply and Demand
Practice Quiz, Costs
Chapter 8, Pure Competition


Micro Final Exam Review

Computer Haikus
Painful Puns
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Style Invitational
Famous Sayings

Pitiful Puns
Corny Stuff
For the Sophisticates

The Conversion Table

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